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Starting at $1,500 + Tax Returns

The cure for your IRS problems, plus the support you need for “healthy” taxes moving forward . 


We’ll analyze every aspect of your case so you can have confidence in the best outcome possible – in the least amount of time.

2 | Rapid Relief Action(s)

We’ll immediately contact the IRS:
– Obtain a “Hold” on further collection.
– Request action on bank/wage levies.

3 | Intelligent Look Back

We’ll review your prior tax returns to look for any possible tax savings. This will ensure you don’t pay any more tax than is required by law.

4 | Best Outcome Plan

Next, we’ll initiate your Best Outcome Plan including: Offer-in-Compromise, CNC Status, or an Installment Agreement.

5 | Tax Return Prep

As part of implementing your Rapid Relief plan, we’ll prepare any prior years tax returns needed, so you can have a fresh start.

 6 | Installment Payments

If an installment agreement is your best option, we’ll work with the IRS to negotiate the best possible plan & affordable payments.

7 | Tax Success Plan

We’ll create a personal tax success plan for you so you can stay on track in the future and reach your financial goals sooner.

8 | Pain-Free Process

From start to finish, we make the entire process pain-free for you. You’ll feel less stress the moment we begin our work.